I also teach yoga 50+, where we work on training our balance and joint mobility.

KriiJu Yoga

KriiJu Yoga balances yin and yang yoga and alters between relaxing and more challenging poses.

What are the benefits of yoga? Here some of the positive side effects of yoga:

• More focus

• Better posture

• Less tension

• Presence, stillness of mind

• More strenght and flexibility on a physical and mental level


Yin Yoga:

Is a gentle but challenging style in which postures are held longer than usual (2-3 minutes or longer). We work on our fascia, a web of tissue that supports and connects the inner body. We solve energetic blockages stuck in the fascia. In Yin yoga we don't work so much with our muscles as we use gravity (our own bodyweight) to hold postures and learn to relax deeply into the present moment, recognizing the patterns of our mind and deconstructing mental and emotional resistances.

For beginners and advanced yogis, all age groups.


Yang Yoga:

We are working on strenghtening our muscles, joints, bones, at the same time acivating our parasympathetic nervous system, so we can find more calm in stressful situations in daily life. You become more flexible and are enhancing your general wellbeing.

For beginners and advanced yogis, all age groups.

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