Also possible in combination with Cranial Works.

Nuad Thai Massage


Nuad Thai Massage has its roots in the Buddhist culture as well as in the ancient science of Ayurveda (sanskrit for the „Art of prolonging life“), which becomes more and more popular in the West.


What is Nuad?

Nuad is a slow and meditative form of bodywork in which the focus lies on 10 energy lines. These energy lines called Sen have a connection to the meridians used in Chinese Acupuncture. Meridians though, follow the energy flow in the body associated with certain organs, whereas Sen lines follow the body shape.

In Nuad Thai Massage pressure is exercised on the Sen lines and points helping the body to balance its energy flow and release superficial and deep tensions.

Other benefits of  Nuad Thai Massage are:

Deep relaxation

Stress reduction

Homeostasis, regulation of the internal condition of the body E

Enhanced flexibility and mobility

Better posture

Strong inner organs

Palliative effects

Improved blood circulation

Inner Peace

Tranquil mind


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