I started practizing yoga when I was a teenager and noticed soon that the breathing exercises (pranayama) and postures (asana) helped me find calm in difficult moments. I felt generally less anxious towards life.

Yoga has found me ever since. What I learned from the very start is that yoga is not about mastering a posture perfectly or twisting oneself forcefully into it! The path is the goal. In yoga people learn to be present, to challenge themselves without ignoring their limits or pushing past them.

Yoga is a path of peaceful confrontation with the Self, our boundaries and possibilities. It can be immensely uplifting to feel that one can master something that seemed impossible or difficult at first. Yoga makes us more flexibel and strenghtens us mentally. You realize you can do more than you thought, and this is valid for all age groups!

Through my connection with yoga and my many travels I started to become interested in Nuad. I attended Thai Massage courses in Chiang Mai at the renown ITM massage school and just love this meditative form of bodywork.

Man has to accept himself and desires to be accepted by others. This central aspect of Cranial Works caught my attention during a basic course in Vienna and inspired me do to a professional training in Cranial Works at Manus School of Massage. CW is a very inuitive form of bodywork and apt for all age groups.

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