Releases strong impressions, experiences, emotions and belief systems stored in the cellular memory of the body and helps to let them go or refresh them.

Cranial Works

What is it?

CW is a manual method especially suitable for issues of supporting and mobile structures of the body. Blockages that are held in the body e.g. caused by accidents, surgery or stress are being released.

CW is suitable for relaxation caused by the gentle manual touch and the supportive movement of the so called cranial rhythm.*


What happens?

The hands are placed on the fully dressed client who is lying or sitting, The client feels reconnected to the present moment through the hands of the Cranial Worker and passes from thinking into the body, supported as a whole, and supported to accept what IS in the Now.


The cranial worker doesn't judge and has no specific intention allowing the client to release and accept emotions and thoughts and create a space where healing is possible. The Cranial Worker feels intuitively with the hands and helps the body to „tell its stories“ and integrate them.


The essential attitude of the Cranial Worker is one of respect, benevolence and acceptance. This way he supports the client to release blockages from the body. The body structures realign and refresh, ressources are set free and enhance the clients vitality.


Fascia that got stuck together or tense muscles can finally relax, the whole body updates its system.

*Craniosacral Rhythm: Is a rhythmical system in the body, together with pulse and breath. The essence of the CR is the cerebrospinal fluid located in the central nervous system between the skull (from Latin Cranium) and the sacrum.


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